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United States

July 28, 2009

This is just a jail eulogy so to speak for one of my best friends,Terry Mcguire.

For reasons not worth mentioning could be doin' from a few decades to life in prison at the young age of 18.

It's bullshit and just fucked up.Idk exactly how it went down but I sense foul play.

Well anyways this is for him.One of the few niggas I knew for about nine years.Along with B(rian) who is in jail currently servin' about 14 long ones.

I'll miss yall.I'll still be around down the road.

Hopefully theres some way that you can get off on this,tho it's extremely doubtful.

We'll miss you.We'll still be here long later on,we got yall...


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06:01 AM Aug 01 2009



I'm sorry for your friend,nooch. I don't know how he ended up there. Aww he's only 18 :(

You are a cool person I hope you are not playing with matches,ligthers or whatever,lil pal.:)

Much love

24-year-old Note.