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July 8, 2012

1)fatal:causing death.


3)unique:unlike anything else.

4)vigorous:(of a person)strong ,healthy and full of energy.

5)restful:peaceful and quiet , making you feel relaxed.

6)exceptionally:unusually ;remarkably.

7)roughly:in a manner lacking refinement and precision.

8)arbitrarily:randomly ,by chance.

9)extravagantly:spending money or using resources in a wasteful way.

10)exhaustion:a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue.

11)talent:natural ability or skill.

12)feat:an achievement that requires great courage skill or strength.

18)concept:an abstract idea ;a general notion.

19)trainers:a soft shoe,suitable for sports or casual wear.



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02:56 AM Oct 22 2012

United States

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11:19 AM Jul 08 2012



you are welcome any time ^_^