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Mysterious haven

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March 26, 2009

Yesterday evening the Friends of Turkey and a chat too is High

Cup suddenly some go out drinking buddy to pay to eat supper

Individuals at our four toothpicks PLAYING guess drank a beer
after Liquor

A total of 16 bottles of beer a bottle of liquor

Make now are dizziness stomach pain is also a very fun but

After ah still want a little attention to the body under the ah
昨天晚上本和一个土耳其朋友聊得正High 突然杯几个哥们交了出去喝酒吃夜宵

四个人 我们在玩猜牙签喝啤酒 之后又喝了白酒

总共是16瓶啤酒 一瓶白酒

搞得现在是头昏眼花的 胃也痛了 但是很开心

以后啊 还是要稍微注意下身体啊

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