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March 3, 2011

heey everyone!! A long time i don't come here, but I'm back! :) And I went back to stay this time!! I continue studying Law, I'm trying to get my motorist license it's being hard but I'm practicing to get it. My life was crazy I was full of things to resolve and I think that I'm losing my knowledge at english so.. I need practice to improve it.  I hope that you can help me!

kisses and hugs.

02:34 AM Mar 08 2011



wow, your burning smile attracts me so much. and i am just here to meet you and you are just came back , so coincident, it is god who let us meet.  you are great, law is so difficult but you make it. and i think english is small potatos for you soon. good luck ,  so nice woman with wonderful somile .