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December 12, 2007

 I had a bad migraine attack last night. My man and I still decided to go out to crave for snack. After that, while he was driving I can’t take the pain. I feel like it’s the end of my world, even feel like vomiting. He was then suggested me that we should go to the nearest hospital. I decided not to, because I have a phobia on that place. He then bought a pain reliever. After we drop on the nearest pharmacy and then we drove home. While driving, he touches my lap and told that everything will be alright. When I feel his touch actually the pain I felt, subsided. I realized then touching has a powerful healing effect. If you feel down and crying when you're friend sat beside you and tap you at the back, burden you feel become lighter. So every time somebody feel down and low. Just tap him/her. He/she will feel comfort and calm.

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07:48 PM Dec 07 2009


Hi,I got a bad migraine too, and it's getting worse when I broke up with my boyfriend, I have read an article, that touching and hugging can make your blood outflow go well and it would minimize the pain.