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December 25, 2007

Mind and Heart.

two most important organ we have...and yet sometimes we don't know how to use it properly.

There's a lot of infos, memories at the back of our mind...sometimes it tells us not to do so but still our body reciprocate the command of what our mind tells us to do. 

Even we all know we get hurt by this or that, but still we continue to do things that we our own suffer.

Sometimes heart deceives us, loving the person that we all knew would cause us troubles. But why we allow it? 

heartaches...crying, crying and crying...thats all we can do to ourselves,  why we allow to be miserable? yet there is a  solution not to be in that situation.

tsk tsk tsk...

if only our mind and heart has tongue, talks like mouth...maybe they tell us how we neglect them and how they are very very tired on everything... 

Why tolerating ourself to be in the person who give us too much pain? yet we can get rid of him/her? we make it too hard. We think we cant, we're weak and like the end of the world for us.?  but reality life must go on and on. 

hmmmp... life is plain and simple..like the one who lived in mountains who are contented for what they have. but we make living more complicated ... 

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View all entries from my inner senses.... >

08:20 PM Mar 24 2008


awww... we never get contented, we like making our lives complicated, we know why and we know we have to be aware of the things that aren't good for us and make the best things instead... but it's not that easy...

i just hope that life is not that complicated.. i just hope that we get things that we wanted... sigh...

but you know what, there are reasons, and i finally understood why things go that way... God wants us to realize what is best for us so we can try to correct ourselves. We can only do it if we have His faith and you know what? even though how hard it is... if we kept on doing what is best for us.. in the end we'll succeed and it's very rewarding.

so stay strong my dear friend, remember i'm here for you...



01:01 AM Dec 26 2007



sweetie.... i think this one may fit ur blog.....lol



Mind & Heart!

There is no difference between mind and heart,

Unless by concept they are taken apart!

Some point a finger to mind thinkers as having no feelings,

Some point a finger to heart thinkers as incapable of rational dealings.

Some value heart over mind, as being a more honorable find,

Some value mind over heart, as being a more idealistic start!

Both are ideas born from judging and comparing,

Believing one of them more loving or caring.

Both are illusions,

Caused by thoughts delusions.

They are both the same origin sharing,

The one source that is all rearing!

To be daring,

Is recognizing the one absolute bearing,

And there is no more need for judging and comparing!