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June 11, 2009


Please.....No horny men No turkey men ........

I had too many bad experiences about Turkey men in ebaby , I am really afriad of them ! They always love sex talking ! and...then They will say that " Hey ! can we have a sex talking on cam ? " OMG !!!! Kill them ~~~~~~~~ I really really hate that !!!!!!!!!! So.....leave me alone ~ Honry men !!!!!!   ><

Please ~~~~~~ Let me go !!! >< I hate that ! hate that too death !  Ohh !!!!! I am really angry ! ><

07:11 AM Mar 28 2013



but only a few of them... don't talk with them pls..

05:14 AM Jun 25 2009



I think.....why I typed this wrting, just because I have so many bad experiences about Turkey men, but it didn't means that I hate all of turkey men, I just think that ... I have to tell everygirl who has the same bad experiences, we all should be careful to all the horny men in ebaby.

Don't open the webcam, don't do something silly to horny men, we should protect ourselves. That's all. Smile

                                                          LOVE JS

04:52 AM Jun 25 2009



 dear  j.d.

ı think you are very rigt for this topic.  but you should know also that.all of turkish people not like kedisiz.

ı think These are psycho.

ı would like ;you dont reconized like his.

ı want  just learning and speaking english.

good by

best regards

03:19 AM Jun 20 2009



although i am a male ,i agree with you.

06:13 AM Jun 19 2009

Miss Talant
Russian Federation

ahahahhaha XDDD

Absolutelly agree with you!=)) I had experience it too! Let's kill horny men together!


June 5, 2009

So sorry ~

   My aunt asked me " will you regret that you don't go to Leslis's graduation 10 years later ? Maybe...Yes ! but Maybe...NO ! I really don't know. But...feel so sorry I can't go there. I am so busy for my ideal college interview. I hope she can know that ! Just now...I asked Leslie that " Will you go to my graduation next week, she said ......"YEAH". ! I am so guilty now. I am so sorry ! Althoug she and I always have a fight, we are still nice twins sisters ! nice more and more ~ Our thoughts...don't like our mom, so quiet different from our mom. We are in different ways I guess so !

              我以後一定會跟姊姊 ~ 共同為自己各自的家庭加油 ~

                                                                        Love JS

May 24, 2009

hey, everyone

I am Josseline, so glad that I join ebaby for about a year, during this year, I met so many friends from many countries then chat, but I met something bad here too. Many experiences here, much storys from friends here, I hope I can get more and more friends here this year, next year....till forever ~ ^^ 

Say hi to my best old friends, and say hi to my new friends then chat with me ~  ^^ waiting for you both !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ Cool

                                                              love JS.