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June 5, 2009

So sorry ~

   My aunt asked me " will you regret that you don't go to Leslis's graduation 10 years later ? Maybe...Yes ! but Maybe...NO ! I really don't know. But...feel so sorry I can't go there. I am so busy for my ideal college interview. I hope she can know that ! Just now...I asked Leslie that " Will you go to my graduation next week, she said ......"YEAH". ! I am so guilty now. I am so sorry ! Althoug she and I always have a fight, we are still nice twins sisters ! nice more and more ~ Our thoughts...don't like our mom, so quiet different from our mom. We are in different ways I guess so !

              我以後一定會跟姊姊 ~ 共同為自己各自的家庭加油 ~

                                                                        Love JS

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