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May 4, 2009

LaughingHello everyone!! I hope you are having a great day :)

Today I want to kindly ask you to talk about your personal experience of learning ANY foreign language. If you don't mind to share Your Own Story of learning a foreign language, send it to me here - julia@helpwithstudy.com.

Please, do not hesitate to talk about your way of learning, methods you use, your success or failures.

I will be happy to get YOUR story and post it here on my web site http://www.foreign-languages-guide.com/success-stories.html Wink

Let's inspire other people together and help people believe that everyone can learn a foreign language if there's a desire and persistence! I will appreciate your help!!

P.S. Do not forget to send me your picture as well ;)

Send me your story and let people from all over the world to read it!

Best regards, Julia


January 17, 2009

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog :)

The first entry will be...a little about myself!

My name is Julia and originally I am from Russia :) So English is my second language and I can say that learning languages is my passion;).

What else do I love to do in my spare time? I LOVE sports (especially jogging, i even run a marathon last September (which is 42 km 195m!!), love spending time reading books and watching movies. I do love meeting my friends and going out. I dream of visiting at least 100 countries :) and that's why I love Learning Foreign Languages!!!

I also created a web site about foreign languages and ways to learn them.


Check it anytime! 

Ok, I'm closing for now and will write a new entry soon :)

Have a good day!)