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June 4, 2010

In the end, no matter how much i call out to you,
..you won't be coming back
the only thing remaining is my tears that have been flowing
every since you left
i'm hopeful that just once, may i ask of it?
ask to turn back the hands of time
but what i am going to do?
when my heart died with you

i sit here with a wounded heart
old memories keep making things worse repeatedly
now my heart has disintegrated
whicever way i turn, i can't seem to find it
when i have to be without you
how am i supposed to be?
it's over already
you've gone so far away
i've done everything already
to hold you back and keep you from leaving

how long will this last?
will i survive?
what am i supposed to do when i can't forget?
where are you now?
i'm still crying, yet persevering
i still have to force myself to endure
and still have to pull through
the final breath has been taken
and my heart has already died with you


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06:50 AM Jun 08 2010



oh, it is very tragic. i can understand it. very sad story. there is a song of Beyonce which seems like this poem, called 'Broken Hearted Girl'. :)

10:04 PM Jun 05 2010



it's better..if u were here

04:41 AM Jun 04 2010


United States

oh how terribly sad it is...

let him go

let it go

let stupidity go