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June 12, 2010

so there it goes..
Now I can phone him anytime I want cos the extension suddenly work without any reasons
and what do i do?
of course, phone him everyday >.<!
but seems like he doesnt like  it for some reasons.
I dunno how can he b so cold..doesn't he know that he has the cutest gf in the world???  >.<"""
perhaps he didn't know that there's also a lot of ppl feelin envious of him
man.. u probably have the faintest idea of what's goin on here.
I knew it. I dont wanna judge it this way, but I must say that u give no.2 priority to ur friends n' not me.
U complain me and not ur friend.
u're ashame of having me as ur gf n' dont wanna reveal it to anyone.
perhaps i should look like Paris Hilton before u wanna reveal it.
I mean.. i dont mind if u dont wanna tell our relationship to anybody.. that's fine by me
but just pls do anything naturally.. as in like.. u dont have to reveal, but dont keep it as a top secret too much.
cos i'm suffering from it.

*Do you think that a gf need only 10min/week?
i'm probably the least greedy girl in this world.
*Do you think that if I gave u a teddy bear, I want it to b in ur wardrobe?
that hurts. I know it's embarrassing to be hugging teddy bear but pls.. just put it anywhere in the room that u can c
cos the whole point of me giving it to u is for u to remember me.. n' perhaps think about me or miss me.
I might not b attractive enough to make u miss, i guess.
Cos everything seems like that.
This is not complaining. I dont deny that I ask for more attention.
but well, i just feel like dont wanna keep it to myself and at least there's really few ppl readin this ..i guess
I feel pretty sad.
n' i'm sorry if phoning u everyday makes u upset n' asking u to b sweet is greedy n trackin' wot u're doin is noisy.
From now on, I won't.
i'm really sorry for what i have done.
i hate this feeling
I hate friday night.
It makes me think of nothing but U!!!
I wanna know if u miss me or not. I guess it's the latter.
Why sweety? .. why havnen't you feel lonely? or miss me?
dont you wanna meet me and eager to go back to Thailand like what i feel now?(cuz im about to leave for the US soon)
This is so torturing.
I hate this feeling
I hate it when i miss u and always have to think that actually u dont' happen to love me at all or at least miss me.
i hate it when u call me and say nothing sweet
I hate it
i hate it

it's such a pain... a pain that does exist but i dunno where it's coming from
when? when will that time come?
ps, i hope all these feelings will be faded away.
if not, im not sure what's gona happen next , so please do something better. I've warned!!! (evil deed ;)

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08:49 PM Sep 05 2012


i hope you happy everyday,vmaestro.


07:06 AM Oct 09 2011



come back and read this again makes me feel good

03:51 PM Dec 02 2010



Hi, how r u?

and how's your study goingon?

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