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Las Verre

Las Verre


March 8, 2008

Several weeks ago, my aunt came from USA and brought a belated birthday present for me (My birthday 16 November). Smile She knew that I love world history and sometimes pay attention to some big world and humanity problems. She brought me a book titled Night that was written by Elie Wiesel, the winner of Nobel Peace Prize award (I don't know exactly the year, maybe in 80's). This book, actually not published in my country but I knew about it from Arts 21 (DW-TV) and Oprah Winfrey Show. Is there anyone ever read this book? The writer wrote his experience when he was a 15 years old boy during the World War 2 and when he and his family was sent to Auschwitz. For me, it's a sad story and sometimes scary to imagined. Cry

I know, outside, there are many people won't believe what written in the book. No problem, that their opinion. But, my opinion say, what written there is a real story that I don't want if it happen again. U know, the world is scary enough to live in 

February 9, 2008

Several days ago, i've just finished to read a book titled 'Pesan dari Bintang' or Message from the Stars in English. The story is interesting enough I think, but the part that I like the most is when the two main character spend her time in Hvar, Croatia. From what the book wrote, it was a great place I think. I hope I can go there someday.Laughing

November 17, 2007

Finally I passed the hard week! The Math test was very hard! But I get 100 in Geography! Biology...I'm not sure with the result. About chemistry, I think I could do it well, also the Math Geometry. I get 90 in Sociology and 96 in French test! Thank you to all who support me!Smile