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March 1, 2010

        I have a dream; maybe it isn’t a dream. If you ask me what is my dream .I will say “sorry, I can’t express it.” Next you must ask me “Why?” I just tell you” It’s in my heart, it’s huge, confused, and it’s a feeling of my body…so I can’t describe it.” 

          Maybe you have this dream and you know this feeling like me. So you must puzzle how you can make the dream come true. Yes, this is a difficult question. before I had one. But now, I got it. This question is very easy. But if you asked me how to keep up, I just tell you this is really terrific. First of all, you must have confidence in your heart of hearts. Only in this way can you achieve success. Then you should have a method of your advancement. This method isn’t in a general way. So you must use your brain to find a perfect method. Sure, not everything is perfect in the world. I mean you find a good method as best you can. Last but not least, you must remember “One step at a time”. There isn’t shortcut to do anything, but you can do it on a firm footing.

         Why don’t you success? If you do, you will do everything one step at a time. Next you can find every gain you obtain one step at a time, which is important thing you get it. Just like a fable, named “The Miss Piece”.

            Long before, there was a circle. It was not happy, because it lost a part of its body. So it decided to look for its body that found on the way and sung song. Sometime it bore sunshine and then heavy rain. It was freezing by the snow and then it felt warm by the sun, even though it lose a part, it didn’t run so that it talked with bug, smelt flowers, overtook beetle or beetle overtook it. It was very happy when butterfly fell over its head. It went through see, wetland, forest and mountain. On this way, it was refused by other part that matches with it. Having two chances, it found the part, but it lost. Because one was it didn’t grasped, and another is it use so much force that the part broke. Then it went on its way. Danger is around here, there and everywhere. It stood firm on its way yet. At later day, finally, it finds the part, so it could run as often as before. It ran so fast that its song didn’t hear clearly and didn’t like before to talk with bug, butterfly didn’t fall over its head. At last, it couldn’t happy as before. And then it left the part. Only in that way will it feel happy. This was it was always search.

            In conclusion, I think “one step at a time “mean happiness and Success. But I still like a result of success. In my opinion, happiness should share with my family and friends. I’ll spend every day to doing anything that is important to me, because I want to finish my mysterious dream.

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07:11 PM Mar 02 2010


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