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The journey

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United States

January 18, 2009

If I could turn back time, I would want to relive the days of my childhood where everything was coated in sweetness, where the hardest decision was picking up crayons, where parents meant the world and spending time with friends was all one could ask for.

  When I travel down my memory lane my childhood strikes out as a sparkling jewel in the crown of my life. They were beautiful days full of pureness and the openness of heart. Time was not that important, life was moving at a smooth pace, there was no hype about wasting time, there was no feeling of rushing past everyone to be successful.

  They were the days when a slight frown would crease over my forehead over the smallest of things, crying over the broken arm of my doll and the torn bow of my teddy bear. A big hug from my father and a little kiss from my mother on my forehead would melt my worries away. They were the days when I considered my mother's lap the greatest source of comfort. Hugging her tightly at night, I used to think that now I'll be protected from all the evil ghosts.

  It was the time when emotions were pure, a person who cheated in Hide and Seek was considered an enemy, and after two minutes was back at being the best friend again. Celebrating birthdays, dressing up for tea parties, and playing with the doll house brought greatest delights. Covering friends with makeup and trying to act like Cinderella always seemed exciting. Trying to catch grasshoppers and butterflies seemed like a fun filled hobby.

  It was also a time when I considered my elder brother and sister the strongest and the most powerful people to scare the school bullies away. They would give the bullies an angry look, and within instance they would run away. My brother also used to scare me by telling ghost stories whenever I behaved naughtily. The love and understanding for parents and siblings was great. My world revolved around my family, going on picnics, long drives, eating ice-creams all the way!

 It was also the time when going to school seemed the most unacceptable thing but with the heavy heart, and thinking about friends, I used to cheer myself up. We eagerly waited for Arts and Rhymes class. Break time was the highly anticipated of all. And, after the first bell, we used to play in the ground, sharing lunch, and making never ending plans. Preparing for tests was fun, excellence at school meant making best friends. Teachers seemed to be the most knowledgeable people in the world, and we would eagerly listen to whatever they told us.

  The world seemed peaceful because the word 'hatred' seemed meaningless, tension, depression and anxiety did not exist. If there was any competition, it was in getting the best toys. There was no urge to be a perfectionist. Life seemed peaceful and flawless. Boredom never really occurred; life was full of constructive activities.

 The odd thing is that when we were children we wanted to be like grown ups, but now with the passage of time, we realized that broken toys and wounded knees were better than broken dreams and wounded hearts. I found this very interesting poem on the internet, which beautifully sums up the days of our childhood.

  Oh those beautiful childhood days, I do miss them in  many ways! 

 Free periods in the school when we used to roam around

 Cool games that we used to play in the ground

 Small fights with friends that lasted for short duration of time

 Interesting classes when we were taught the nursery rhyme

 School lunch break when we used to share our food

 Punishments in class when on the bench we stood

 Tours in school that we were excited about

 Free periods in class when we used to shout

 Rushing out of the school to catch the school bus

When we used to reach home in a total mess

Little games in the evening when we all friends used to gather

Those beautiful days when we had nothing to bother

 Now life has become hectic and has increased its pace

We have to rush and struggle hard to win the life's race

Sometimes I wish would those golden days come back again?

When we were always happy without any pain

 Oh those beautiful childhood days,I do miss them in many ways!


 They were truly the most beautiful days of my life, and I would want to revisit them, only if that were possible! Kiss

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07:50 AM Mar 28 2010



sarcasm ha? no whining my life's bitterer :)

07:34 AM Jan 18 2009


United States

Everyone feels this way about his/her childhood!! I know, I do..Last night I was sitting and watching my family album, and suddenly I found myself lingering over the moments of my childhood captured by the camera! Truly, they were the days I still yearn for, the life of purity and sweetness!! Tell me what you think about my little flash back..