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August 6, 2009

  • If a man started to neglect you, please leave him.Don't feel reluctant to give up a man who don't know how to love and cherish you and unnecessary to continue to pay your tenderness and love.
  • 一个男人如果开始怠慢你,请你离开他。不懂得疼惜你的男人不要为之不舍,更不必继续付出你的柔情和爱情。

  • At any time,don't feel sad for an ungrateful man,women need to know,sadness,ultimately hurt all own hearts.If the man is relentless,you never hurt his heart at all,so,tidy up sadness and live a good life.
  • 在任何时候,不要为一个负心汉的男人伤心,女子更要懂得,伤心,最终伤的是自己的心。如果那个男人是无情的,你更是伤不到他的心,所以,收拾悲伤,好好生活。

  • Don't round of the men never-ending that you like,even though you love him have been unable to control yourself,also still have to learn to give him space, otherwise,you have to be careful of entangling him too tightly to cause to strangle him.
  • 永远不要无休止的围着你喜欢的那个男人转,尽管你喜欢得他快要掏心掏肺的死掉了,也还是要学着给他空间,否则,你要小心缠得太紧勒死了他。

  • When a man says to you:I want to break up. Please do not cry and tears, it should be said with a smile: I've been waiting for you saying this a long time. And then turned away. 
  • 当一个男人对你说:分手吧。请不要哭泣和流泪,应该笑着说:等你说这话很久了。然后转身走掉。

  • To believe in yourself and kind to yourself,make own life full of wonderful.Don't mistakenly believe that want to make a person regret it, but to make own life more exciting.
  • 要相信自己,善待自己,让自己的生活精彩纷呈。不要误认为是要让某个人后悔,而是为了让自己的人生更精彩。

  • Dress up gracefully everyday then go out with different smiling.
  • 每天打扮的优雅从容出门,给自己带上不同的笑容。

  • Return your light smile to kind men that enjoy you.
  • 对善意欣赏你的男子回报浅浅的微笑。

  • After the 25-year-old woman, need to learn how to care of their skin. 
  • 女子25岁后,要学会保养自己的皮肤。

  • If you can not smoke, do not smoke. If you can not drink, do not drink.
  • 如果可以不抽烟,别抽。如果可以不喝酒,别喝。

  • Do not go to bars even if depressing. A lone woman holding goblet or smoking, will add a sense of loneliness and sadness.
  • 再郁闷也不要去泡酒吧。一个孤独的女子握高脚杯或者抽烟,会更添寂寞感与忧伤。

  • Don't admire the vanity,Vanity is a poison and it will be addicted.
  • 不要贪慕虚荣。虚荣是一剂毒药,而且会上瘾。

  • Wear high heels, but not too high. 
  • 要穿高跟鞋,但是不要高的太过分。

  • To have a number of sworn followers, the time alone to ensure that sworn followers still look after you. Rather than to utter in a loud why the person that say love you can't accompany you. 
  • 要有几个死党,独自一人的时候,保证还能有死党为你端茶送水。而不是声嘶力竭的嚎叫为什么说爱你的那个人不能来陪你。

  • Open your eyes to choose your future partner, if the election was wrong and immediately separated. Do not improvise off day, it would be detrimental to the two people. 
  • 睁开双眼选择你的未来伴侣,如果选错了,立即分开。不要凑合过日,那样会害了两个人。

  • Do not fight with men. First, you will not win; the second, the men fight with you must be a madman. Therefore, it is better to remain not fight. 
  • 不要和男人动手。第一,你动不过他;第二,和你动手的男人一定是个疯子。所以,不如不动。

  • Go out for traveling.Soul will more substantial in traveling. 
  • 外出旅游。旅行中的心灵能更充实。

  • Have the habits of drinking tea in the afternoon, reading books, listening to music. 
  • 有喝下午茶、阅读书本、听音乐的习惯。

  • Buy the clothes and accessories that suit yourself. Things suit yourself is the best, so do not envy other people's dress up. 
  • 买适合自己的衣服、饰物。适合你的就是最好的,所以不必羡慕别人的行头。

  • Do not accept any gifts that sent by the men whom you don't like.
  • 不要接受你不喜欢的男子送的任何礼物。

  • Love a person every time. 
  • 一次只爱一个人。

  • To know what you want to have, including the man you love. 
  • 知道自己要什么,包括你爱的男人。

  • Rather go without than have something shoddy.Don't find a man unceremoniously,this would not be fair to you and him,and the lack of a sense of responsibility too.
  • 宁缺毋滥。不要因为寂寞随手抓一个男人,这对你和他都不公平,而且太缺乏责任感。

  • Say "NO" and refuse firmly to the concern and attention of those pursuers that you don't like.Even if he said that this is none of your business.
  • 对你不喜欢的追求者的示好和关心坚定的说不和拒绝。即使他说,这不关你的事。

  • Seriously your work.Work may not be as the love comeing that make you heart palpitate.But at least but it can promise you food, house, which the uncertain love cannot, so do work hard.
  • 认真的对待你的工作。工作也许不如爱情来的让你心跳,但至少能保证你有饭吃、有房子住,而不确定的爱情给不了这些,所以,认真努力的工作。

  • You should own at least five bags for clothing of different colors and styles and also at least five pairs of shoes( not including slippers).
  • 最少拥有五个以上可供不同颜色、款式衣服搭配的包,五双以上的鞋子(拖鞋不包括。)
I know here has a lot of mistakes,if you know,pls tell me.
thx so much!Tongue out

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09:18 PM Aug 06 2009



in fact,i don't know,maybe.Wink

08:12 AM Aug 06 2009

Fish Chen

Fish Chen

are you a delicate woman ^_^