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February 3, 2011

It's always a great thing to have a chat with someone nice.

I met a easy-going one today,she is nice.

but I think I don't have another chance to chat with her again,I don't know it just an intution.

Frankly s[eaking, it's very hard to find somebody to chat with, always saying something nonsense, or just skin talk.

Sometimes, I hope I can find an one that I can practice english with, or ... whatever a simple talk say how are you today,  just never ask in the begining age,gender,sex...something, make me feel ... I don't know uncomfortable.

ok , just

05:32 AM Feb 08 2011

That Guy Owen
United States

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August 21, 2010

sometimes I just want to say , want to yell , or  fool around.

having nothing on my mind,wondering what I can do .

maybe I just bored about surfing the Internet,cause I don't have any purpose.

by the way, Hannah's song is great, I love  the climb!

thinking about what I can do ..sometimes  is a difficult thing ,you may feel strange, but you need to know first , I don't have the right to go out at will...

all right , it seems that I complain something,  ok,I am =     =

stop here , I DON'T KNOW WHAT I CAN TELL ..


if you can , leave messages to let me know that there is still somebody read what I wrote , thanks...

01:05 AM Aug 22 2010




02:52 PM Aug 21 2010


United States

young ppl aways like u ..for me, do more difference thing,meet more ppl.dont waste time on internet. time going fast

August 13, 2010

So sad~

I broken my new cellphone.

So I just can use my old one.

---------)      Missing my new cellphone...