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May 29, 2010

Time flies by...

i didn't pass the english exam.

I can't believe that my writting only got 64,what a low grates.

but never mind.

another more important thing is ----------

the day after tomorrow i have a review test ,

some must say "so , what are you doing now?"

"don't you go to study?"

i always know what i should do .

i always remember my  responsibility.

i know what is the most  inportant thing of the age 17.

((((((((((((((study and test)))))))))))))))

can't i handle the pressure?


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View all entries from ---MYSELF--- >

08:59 AM May 29 2010

United States

I think you should practice proper English even in your blog. I is always capitalized and punctuation marks are important. In the martial arts there is a saying, "If you practice wrong, you will learn wrong".  

I can see you have great English skills and with a little practice you will be perfect. :-) So hang in there.

08:27 AM May 29 2010



how are you?

my email is : walsaheb@hotmail.com


04:47 AM May 29 2010



Cheer up! " No pay, No gain"

Everyone has to undergo this period of time!

But don't put too much pressure on yourself... If you feel tired, why not just give you one or two days of vocation! Then after that, grap your books; try to love them!!


03:25 AM May 29 2010

lily luy

Do not worry!Believe yourself ,try out,and all doors  open for you.

01:26 AM May 29 2010



If your exam is after 2moro , and what your are doing here!?

What about me!!

my exam is after 2 hours !!

What I am doing hereLaughing