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March 12, 2010

after reading the introduction of the college which i want to enter in .

it really made me feel sad.

it seems that i must to be the best among all the people.

and let me confuse about my english skill , my speaking , writing ...

just make me feel that i am a fool.

why it seems so hard?

can't i enter the school?

is my english really bad?

i think i am losing my confidence.

i am not that trust myself.

that is so terrible...

now i am not sure if i can enter any college.




i  have to look at the bright sight ....


but i am really really really ................... sad!


12:34 AM Mar 17 2010



well, if u think ur english r bad, mybe u can learn more 'bout it by talking with ur teacher or chat with natives, those who r used to english.. through chatting very often with natives u will used to english in ur daily life 'n dat will increase ur english skills.. :)

07:23 PM Mar 13 2010



yeah , still that i need to believe myself!

01:22 AM Mar 13 2010

Vincent Su

Vincent Su

Don't worry about it.

Many students on this stage also have this problem.

Sometimes, you can talk to someone like your teacher.

When i was on this stage , i was also frustrated.

Maybe my idea is not very useful.

Believe that trust youself and look at the bright side.  

February 8, 2010

oh my god !

i don't want this vacation over so fast.

it just last two weeks .

oh.. so sad.

and even worse i haven't finished my homework.

but i really don't want to do it......... ˊˋ

how terrible~

October 12, 2009

i always want to write something about my life.

but it is really hard to change what i want to say into english.

i took a exam last week , it really made me tired.

but when i read "harry potter" , nothing can bother me.

it's really a good novel, i just read the last one.

i have read all the "harry potter" . they are really really nice.

i felt so happy when my friend and i talked about "harry potter".

although i have read all of them .

i still keep on thinking the details.

i can't forget the images of the books.

>   <

i love " Harry Potter " !!! (book)