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May 31, 2007


I'm here again. Lot's of things have happened since i wrote last time. For example on Saturday night I went out with my friends. I had a great time with them. 'cause they're so funny, but they're also special people who help me in moments of sadness and difficulties. We had lot of fun because a girl, who's in my group, got drunk... she said the most stupid things in this world!!! We laughed all the time!! And the next day she remembered nothing!!! She's so crazy!!!

I'm really happy these days 'cause tomorrow i'm going to have my birthday party, even if my birthday is in March!!! I'm 18 so it has to be the best party ever!! I hope all my guests will have fun! I'll have my party at my grandma's house, which is in the countryside. She has a a very beautiful garden and when it's night if you lie on the grass you can see the sky full of stars... and you hold your breath to live this moment forever!!! 

I've to leave you now! I'm going to study... I'm so bored of school!! Luckly I've got only one week left...and then holidays!!!!   Laughing

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