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June 2, 2007

Woooooooooooooooooooow!!!! Laughing

My party has been fantastic!!! I'm sure I'll remember it for my whole life!!! There where lots and lots of people: my best friends, my class mates and the girls I attend dancing class with. I was very excited and I haven't been quiete for a second. I was restless because I wanted everything to be perfect and everyone to enjoy himself. However I had enough time to stay with all my friends. Unluckly the weather hasn't been good but this hasn't been important, we had great time all the same.

When you're 18 in Italy is common that friends, before giving you your present, prepare you jokes. Mine have been really funny! First they put a scarf around my head to cover my eyes, so I couldn't se anything, then they told me to put my head inside a box, look for a candy and take it out with my mouth. The problem was that the box was full of flour!!!! One of my friends pushed my head into the box because i was esitating. When I came out of it, my face was covered with flour, i was coughing and laughing at the same time!!! They took pictures and when i saw me covered with flour i couldn't believe in my eyes, i looked like a ghost!!! My clothes were covered with flour too, luckly i wasn't wearing something elegant!!

After this crazy moment they finally gave me my birthday present. I've received two gifts!!! One is a super cool green i-pod and the other one is a pretty white bag with brown and blue flowers. I loved them!!! I knew i was going to receive an i-pod, because i had asked it, but i dindn't expect the bag, so when i opened the present i was really surprised and glad to see it.

I'm really happy becasue of this party, i've never had such a great birthday party as this!!! So i was very sad when my friends left the house. However i've learned something very important about parties: they're fantastic, but is better being a guest than the person that organizes it!!!

see you! ;-)

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