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El Shrief




February 28, 2009

Man Cant choose his character,features,form

sometimes we meet sombody then become interested in him,

i like my friend or all people i love to understand mewithout my talking, from my eyes look

am not murder if am sooooooo sensetive,that isnt my fault

my nature is that

so wanna ask allllllllllllllll people who know me what do u think of me?

What is the Wrong of me?

plz be honest and tell me , If u Really Care For Me

                                           "What is the Wrong of me?"

10:11 AM Mar 01 2009



Well I'm not roncerned by what u wrote on ur blog because I'm not ur friend and I don't even know you, but I wanted just to give u an advice: you should be yourself, trust yourself and be what you really are, that's first, then try to listen to your family (what they think about you), ur family members will always want the best for you so if they criticize you listen to them and try to understand what's wrong with you (IF there's something wrong with you) in the 3rd place come your friends, to be more specifir ur true friends, who know you well and know that they have either the right and the duty to give your their opinion about you, ur personality and ur good and bad side.

You need to question urself not ur friends, because they could tell u everything they want, if u r not convinced you will keep looking for an answer.

 Hope it will help you.

07:27 AM Mar 01 2009



u r right but u didnt get my meaning,

some of my friends get angry with me so i ask them not get away of me but tell me wt the wrong of me,

understand me now? got my feelings?

07:12 AM Mar 01 2009



you can´t ask another person what is wrong with you.

You have to know yourself  nobody can be in your place to know what you are feeling or  thinking.  you must know what is wrong with you and what you have to change.

06:52 AM Mar 01 2009



Give me ahand, dont let me down , coz i really like my friend and hate any body to get angry with me even who i dislike

January 23, 2009

Comparison between women and mobile!!!

1) Both of them Cause Headache.

2) Have many attractive Models.

3) Have Several bills and costly.

5) Always Ring By Different Degrees And Shape.

         Thats Enough :D

Iam Affraid That Womens Beat Me  :D hahahaha

05:56 AM Jan 24 2009


Russian Federation

really funny! I don't think that women will beat you. Furst, you are female yourself.

Second, nobody can live without a cell phone nowadays. So a woman is an important part of life of any man.Smile

 Third, everyone chooses the  phone he likes. Right? so, no blames afterwards about the ringtones, ...


September 11, 2008


  Man's Life Is Like The Sea

Some times Happy,

      Some times  Sad,

          Some times  Angry,

                 Some times  Depressed,

     Once Smile,

          Another Cry,

                 Other Excited,

Am Feeling Going Crazy :S

Dont Know!!!!!!!!!1

Can I ??!!!!!

06:27 AM Sep 20 2008



yeah i seeTongue outUndecided

03:40 AM Sep 20 2008





My Brain Is Soooooooooooo crowded

Sorry About All