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Night Chating of Seafarer

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September 11, 2013

The Road To Revenge  2-5

The plan was on the move successfully. My precious finally got the whole picture about the structure of English language. She knew all the secrets of writing ,reading,and listening English. But,that's not quite all right with me. Leaning her head slightly,my little puck inquired me why was that curiously.

"My little rogue,it's true that you can write,read,and listen English correctly.But that doesn't mean you won't run across in English conversation. "
"Why ?" she still didn't follow me.

"Because there being a lot of different people speaking English on earth,you can't ask all of them speaking English precisely. They maybe pronounce English incorrectly with their unique accent of native language of their own. But definitely,they are quite right in the English grammer."

Looking at her innocent face and widen bright eyes in a fog,I stopped a moment and continued,"From now on ,I will teach you how to tell the accent of Amercan English and British English.In a word,you need to speak English precisely and to get used to the voices coming out many different countries."

I lifted my precious above my head and talked to myself "My child, it being near,the day is coming up very soon."

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View all entries from Night Chating of Seafarer >