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July 7, 2010

Dear *not shown*,

You’ve touched my heart with something I’ve never felt before..

  It has been a few months since I got to know you. Actually, I’m interested in you since the first time I saw you, that moment I am just not brave enough to talk to you, many things have happened since we got to know each other, I’ve gone through all of the ups and downs, and now I’m afraid to make mistakes that can hurt you, I’m afraid to make you hate me and then leave me, because I can already see a future lies in the end of our path, the springtime of my life I’ve been waiting for these years, without your presence my world is incomplete, like the earth without the moon.

 It has been a few months since we met, and I believe it’s all happened because it’s God who set it up for us, He led me to you, and He gave me a curiosity so that I’m interested in you, and now I think that this interest have become a feeling of love and affection, something I can’t hide anymore, something I can’t deny anymore. With this letter I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE YOU! Maybe this is too fast for you, but I just can’t hold it anymore to tell you the truth..

*in the end maybe I’ve done that mistake, in a way I don’t know, I just know that you leave me, goodbye..

July 5, 2010

I've always love you with all of my heart,
always dreamt of having a good conversation with you,
always dreamt of spending time together alone with you,
dreamt of having a very strong relationship with you,
dreamt of having a future with you next to me,
good dreams and nightmares became very nice when you are there,
always waiting for you to reply my text message, wall, etc.
always thinking of you, adore you like crazy, head over heels with you,
I've sacrifice my time and money just to meet you, though I don't meet you.

but you never think that's enough aren't you?
for I'm just a stranger in your world, and forever I will be!
am I that disturbing for you? if you think so, that's ok,
if you really wish me to leave, that's ok,
I'll leave you in no time, I promise!
but remember this, "you'll always be part of me,"
even though we're apart I'll always think of you.

07:33 AM Jul 05 2010



could not agree more.. :)

07:12 AM Jul 05 2010



Nice.All of them are nice.

Love is the greatest feeling of all but also the most painful...

March 29, 2010

This is my new note, the title is "It's called Love", enjoy..


It's called love
Created March 29, 2010
By -C2.92-


I've always thought that one day love will come to my life,
sincerely waiting for it, but it never came,
it's all changed when I met you,
I think love really have found it's way,
and I think you're the key to open that love,
I never have enough confidence to talk to you,
can't even thinking of an idea that can attract you,
will you know my feelings if I can't make my move?

everyday I've always standing in front of the schoolgate,
thinking, asking myself, what to do when I see you, what to say?
but I never found an answer to guide me,
I always get nervous, I feel my heart throb beating faster,
can't even see you in the eyes, not even your face,
is it called love? why is it feel like this?
how to tell you what I feel if it's always like this?
can love be more precious when it's kept in the heart?