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sun queen

sun queen

Saudi Arabia

November 25, 2008


One day I spoke with a member of the site and he told me he knew my country,,,

I asked him What do you know?

He told me that he knows everything about my country, Osama bin Laden, and women can not drive and women covered
in black ...!!!

Shocked ...!!!Surprised

Not because it is wrong but because he does not know only this .....!!!!!

A country where the holiest parts of the earth  and it is more than a billion Muslims to pray .. it did not make an effort to learn about this country ..

Oil Center .. The country of Osama bin Laden .. did not consider it much of the country from which that person ..!!!

Taking only the headlines and give verdicts on a country area of more than 2 million km, home to more than 27 million people through these titles

I know that I can not blamed for experience .. But I felt sad for his ignorance ...

Perhaps it is not interested in learning about my country ... but it is easier to take the headlines and talking so ....

But this does not mean that the right ...
True  what he said ..BUT...
Are all the people of Saudi terrorists?
And why women do not drive cars?
And why  women  under black cover?

He did not search for the answers ... because  the  release of consensus is easier ..!!

I will answer those questions ..
If you want to answer ..
I ask him to await me ..

I appreciate you all..

 Sun QueenKiss


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01:55 PM Aug 23 2011


United States


How are you?

I want asq u about this webside is it a good for improving my english, how about subject every day .



01:12 PM Nov 29 2008

sweet yoyo

sweet yoyo
Saudi Arabia

may Allah Bless you sis :D

يسلم بوءك والله ^-^

09:08 AM Nov 25 2008

world princess
Saudi Arabia

Subject well
Only fools believe the entire Saudi people from t
Cool errorism, this is not true