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sun queen

sun queen

Saudi Arabia

November 26, 2008

as i told you I will try to answer questions on the subject the previous ..

*Are all the men in Saudi Arabia terrorists?

Of course not ...

Can not judge the community and say that all its  members  are terrorists....!!!!!

but a small group of them,,,,

It is their terrorist acts Most of the adolescents who are looking to achieve and prove themselves .. and fill the void in themselves ..

they  found who gives them what
they need ...
and they give the Loyalty by offering full support for these groups ,,

that take the name of Islam to use the cover and  Using the sympathy of the people...

They provide the negative image of Islam ...

This is not to deny them that they are sons of this country ...

but .. their Terrible crimes  not  acceptable to any Reasonable person ..

Some of them had corrected his ideas after it appeared he was wrong....

the Important ..

Saudi society is not  perfect .. There is no perfect society
Like other communities it has a problems ...

But it Has several advantages its not in many communities .. example:

 1- Trying to apply Islam .. some There are understand it correctly applied and followed it..
but some are not..

so you  find a lot of issues affecting the human rights

committed by those who do not understand ....Islam or known values .....

2 - they love to helpe others ..

3 -they try to keep  a human values and

ethics alive.. even the children try to exercise these values ...

4 - a society that likes to do good .. and urges it.

And a lot of beautiful things ..

But as I said there is no perfect society ..

*I think that is good in all people, but they choose how to express it ..

  See you soon to  answer the questions..

sun queenSmile




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11:33 AM Nov 26 2008



Well said.