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sun queen

sun queen

Saudi Arabia

November 27, 2008

*Why women in Saudi Arabia can not drive ?

 In the past 1400 years ago...
 In the era of the Prophet (PBUH) were women with men in the areas of life .. In war and peace ..

The women leading the means of transport in the past until recently..

But after the modern state .. and enable men of leadership .. it was their duty to attention TO their families ...

And attention to their needs and providing them .. and to provide transportation to anywhere they want ..

This has become customs of the community ...

.. That  estimate and  treatment a women like princess have become habits .. even if  exaggerated
Became difficult to change much despite changes in life and  become a much needed ..

Community began to accept the idea gradually .."a woman driving on public roads" ..
 Although they accept  a women from  Badia who driving a cars...

May seem in much duplication of thinking .. but it all the time .. until the community accepts the idea ..

*I want to say for all .. .. Do not be harsh to the community .. .. and that you may need time to accept the changes .... Let's start with ourselves ..


*We should accept different communities and believe their ability to change ..

*I hope I explained it and I removed the ambiguity about ...

thank  you for your timeSmile

sun queen


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