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sun queen

sun queen

Saudi Arabia

November 29, 2008

*Why women in Saudi Arabia covered with black?

First, we are Muslim people and God has ordered women to Cover up and men to Look Away ..

*Women before Islam:

_"Different perception of women among different peoples and nations, in the Indian civilization, the society denies women's humanity, presented to recognize the value of social and deprive them of all their rights, but when the Indian worst of the epidemic, hell and poison and snakes ..

*In Persia, Zoroaster introduced a significant change on the attitude of the Persian community, she had  certain rights, choice of spouse, the right to divorce, King of real estate, and financial management of the husband, but it soon lost those rights after his death, became a pariah despised lot, and it came to it Has been withheld from the male relative, father and brother, uncles, and no right to see one of the men at all.

*The Romans, was their perception of the inferiority of women look, Roman law, making them incompetent creature, such as children and treat psychiatric, and was sold by the head of the family, women have not fared better in other peoples and nations, have been treated with contempt at the Babylonians, Assyrians, Berbers.

*But it was placed in a prominent Egyptian civilization, rich in class, and benefits the King, written laws, and practiced the policy, saying the woman of the house, attributed to children in many cases, but they were treated harshly in criminal law, but in the class of poor women was lived difficult circumstances

*Thus, before Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, where loud as the wealthy ruling circles at their relatives, and the men and appreciated the care and compassion, and in other social class, was not able to get rid of that situation which was often the types of Muslim humiliated, and Richard of , And pictures of the terrible cruelty. "

*Islam came after he decided to anyone who's responsible, such as women and men with rights and duties just like men
God  order   "Alhadjab"(to cover her body at an exit or meet  other men) to protect it from evil souls looking for the requirements of instincts ..

Now is a critical aspect in the hearts of women and feel proud ..
But that does not mean they
are disappear ..!!!

 Because they are the roles and great value in society ... and a strong presence, especially in the last period ..
without  make any concessions on the women's humanity or dignity ..


In fact .. that Alastair (covering her body at an exit or meet men who are not relatives) keeping women ..
 can not be a barrier in front of her or hindered ..

*And who think it  barrier ...!!!
in fact is weakness and lack of confidence in themselves ..

*Islam gave women freedom from more than 1400 years ...!!
The Western world has given women freedom from less than 100 years ...!!!!

*Injustice suffered by women in some Islamic societies, because the governments and social systems had not given rights imposed by God to women ...

Thank God, a women in Saudi Arabia began to learn about their rights and Claim their recovery rights what given by god.

 And the system began helping her to get what she want

In fact, this trait of the Saudi man for his love interest in his family and to protect them from harm .. and his understanding of religion Which protects and preserves the self and family money and freedom...

It is make him more Committed to the teachings of Islam...

Thank you for giving me the time and read my article ....

anyone have a point of view or any other
comment I wish to add to the article..

Thank you

sun queenSmile



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10:23 AM Dec 14 2008

romantic sensation
Saudi Arabia




u right


at the end


i will always say am very broud to be a muslim Smile