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sun queen

sun queen

Saudi Arabia

January 6, 2009

I feel that it is my duty to speak about Gaza ... 
Astonishment of those who defend Israel and the Palestinians are denied their defense of themselves .. 
I believe that all people against injustice 
In every human heart like good and hate evil  .. 
But what I see from these people,  they defense of what they believe ... by watching and understanding of the subject ..

Image, in fact, as follows: 
You  have a home ,you and your family live in this home, 
 and then someone does not have anything in this house give it to a group of people removed from their country and gave them weapons to live in your house ....!!! 
then  these people kill many of your family and expelling many of them and identified the place of your stay in your home ...!!!
 a few rooms and then they took it... ...and kill more of your family ..every day ..

You have to watch your son is two years bleeding and screaming and then die without ... to be able to do anything to him... 
And the mother would say goodbye to young sons are deeply immersed in their blood ..
And cut your electricity, water, food and medicine ... ... and blockade you..
.. And prevent your family from any normal life ... for more than 60 year .. 

But  you can not defend yourself , your home , your family ,dreams of your children a normal life ..!! 
This happened in Palestine ... This what happen now in Gaza ... 
After that ... the Palestinians accepted that the shared home, but Israeli  did not ... 
Will not accept ... because politicians want victories, even if innocent people pay the price .. 
Many of us reject this injustice ... 
From all over the world ... the people against injustice ... 
Is it enough to pretend ... and denounce ... 
Whenever a decision to ease the pain on the Palestinians ... .. The U.S. veto to keep the bleeding of kids...!!! 
Prevent any country that possesses nuclear weapons .. especially in the Middle East ... 
No one speaks of nuclear reactors in Israel ... 
My question to the Governments and peoples of the "first world" 
do Not you acknowledge the right of the people in "third world" live in the home safely and with dignity .. 
I hope of humanity that rejects these massacres and injustice ... 

* We are not against co-existence with Israel ... is not at the expense of human Palestinians ...

sun queen

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09:55 AM Mar 02 2009


Saudi Arabia

One day the world will know the truth

11:12 AM Jan 13 2009



hello    to all english baby members

have sent this message to the prime minister of Israel this today:

Dear Mr. President

I fully agree, that you defend your country against Hamas terrorist.

But cannot agree, that you kill 800 adults, children and young people to catch 20 or 50 terrorist

.Destroy the infrastructure, who has built by our money (EU)

Sorry Sir, but that way is wrong. And you should know:

I 'm against your politic.
I call you a killer, because the blood of innocent people are on your hands.

May god will judge you.


I have been officier in the german army, years ago, but can t agree with that, really not.


05:32 PM Jan 06 2009



very good one you've got a strong mind

I wish peace will come to them this soonLaughing