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May 24, 2007

We live without knowin the One who makes life possible In an effort to be the strongest We run for the best Unaware of the worst punishment Different ideas,sorrows,decicions in minds People run again and again It’s time to wake and realize God,help us to open our eyes Some are poor Some are rich Some are strong,some are not The world is the area the opposites fight U,they and I We all are creation of One Nobody is different All u see in this world is one and from God Don’t kill not to die Smile at the one who looks down on Don’t be afraid Trust urself Remember nobody is stronger,indeed Differences with creations of God The coming end is the same,though Poor and rich,strong and weak All will leave this mortal world Goin to the same place Now,stop runnin Start thinkin

The divine behind miracle


               Ersin Productions

02:21 AM Sep 28 2007



such words bring something like a calm in a soul of that who hearkens to them ))

good idea!