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May 22, 2010

Ok, people, of course my English it's not so complicated, but I try to learn more things every time when I go to my English course, every Saturday. It's for this reason that I go there, I like this language so much, even I like to learn French too. Oh, now I talk about this, I want to learn French because I think it's a great language! Very elegant to pronunciate any word in French. But I have to learn English first, don't you agree? I think yes...

Nowaday, I'm on a basic level in my course. In July I will pass to intermediary, and I'm sure that will be more difficult than this level where I am. Good luck for me!

So... Over this, I'm well at the university and at work. I have a half-time job at an design's office in a great neighborhood here im my city. I like there! And my university too. There's so many crazy students there, and many things to do over to watch class. I like so much there, I'm not tired to repeat! :)

Well... I think I talk "a little" with you. See you soon!

April 18, 2010

Hi, people!

I'll not to start this chat talking about me or what I do. We'll have a lot of time to do this, ok? I think I could start explain why I'm here, writing in English, even I been a brazilian girl. Yes, I'm brazilian. But please, don't ask me about soccer, samba or soccer players, ok? I think I have other interesting things to talk over this.

 So, it's good for today, yeah? See you!