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May 25, 2014

a paradise 

It can be anything and anywhere for me))) like a good book which is waiting for me to read, a hillarious film , a cup of green tea or  a place where I can feel comfortable. I always wonder how fast seasons change each other, especially spring. In the morning I can see only tree buds although in the evening they are turned into little leaves. Next mornings nature strikes me discovering more and more hidden beauties. I amare running in a circle of routine every day but sometimes unexpectedly stop and notice wonderful scene around  me and understand how hectic life can be.  Some people can enjoy every minute of every day, they are happy now, not in the future and it makes a great sense. Because  we remember how we felt yesterday or centuries ago and how we feel now.

04:40 PM Jan 01 2016


02:34 PM May 25 2014


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