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Morgan Lau

Morgan Lau


January 29, 2009

Here are some simple things to do in a street environment to defend against such a weapon.

  1. Run away.  This is always your first choice.  It is always better to avoid the fight if possible.  I am not sorry if I offended your macho image.
  2. Use a weapon as well.  Your opponent has already introduced a weapon into this fight.  There is no room for complaint if you counter this action with a weapon of your own.

    Long tool.  This is certainly your first choice here.  Grab a distance weapon like a broom, shovel, pool cue or mop.  Pole or strike your opponent and let them realize that while you are in range, they are not.  When the realize this, you will be a long ways to having this even over.

    Throw something.    A rock or a bottle to the chest or head will work wonders.  Big things such as a thrown chair.  There just is not good way to catch or block a thrown chair.  Even sand in the eyes can work great.

    Disarm your opponent.  Grabbing a stick, baseball bat or cane can increase your chances of a good defense.  Aim for the rope or chain of the nunchakus.  If you hook that and pull it, it will be very likely you will strip the weapon away from the attacker.  Keep your wits about you.  Even while the nunchakus may be moving at tremendous speed, the chain or rope that makes up the center of the weapon remains relatively very still.

    Use a shield or target.  Grab something to take the blows from the weapon without causing you significant harm.  The easiest can be just putting your shoes on your hands.  Or maybe grab a bag or suitcase.

    Use a soft tool.  Think of a rolled up towel which makes a rat tail like the ones we all played with as children.  Snap that into the chain or rope of a nunchaku being used and you can snag them.  Maybe even use your belt.  Such items can also be used to block when pulled tight and then used as a whip when relaxed.  Throwing your coat into the weapon will retard their use for a while.

  3. Hit your opponent before he swings.  Hitting first is always a good tactic but even after the opponent makes one swing and misses, it will be a moment before they can regain control of the weapon and strike again.  You can certainly strike during that moment.
  4. Move in close after an attack.  Nunchaku by their nature beg for a certain amount of range to the target.  If you close the range you diminish their ability to be used to their full potential.
  5. Use your empty hands to stop them.  This is of course a last ditch effort.  By striking into the rope or chain you can stop the weapon but you will likely take a blow from the weapon.


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