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October 17, 2008

I am running a travel agency, and this is what happened. 

The day before yesterday, My customer wanted to cancel her ticket, and it was 2 days before departure.
 I had mercy on my costumer, and rather than charge her 30,000 yen, or even 20,000 yen,
which is my right by our reservation cancellation and change fees.
I just asked her for 3,000 yen, as working fee, and still she didn't want to pay.
I gave her discount and make it 2,000 yen only !  even through she used bad words.
I felt so bad, that how come I been nice, had mercy on her, and really  made me very sad.
Yesterday, I had costumer, she an old lady that made a name spill mistake 
on her ticket. 
She needed to pay 30,000 yen, to us to be able to re-issue her ticket.
 ( our policy the costumer need to pay and buy a new ticket )
I just asked her for 30,000 which is still good deal for her. 
She came to my office, and I looked at her, and I just felt that its too much money for her.
Right away, I called the airline, and worked out with them, and I was able to changed for free.
Still I could charge her, but I didn't.
Today, she came to the office, I gave her the new ticket, I saw her happiness, it was more than enough for me.
Now, I only have a good memory and feelings.
Life it balance itself by itself, as long as we don't give up on each other, by doing the good & right thing.