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Russian Federation

March 29, 2014

Everytime I write a poem, 
When I think about him.
I can see him in the morning,
In the evening in my dream.

I can here him in the silens,
I can see him at the sky.
I can feel him in his styles.
I can be a butterfly.

If the love will bring me my dream
And the star will close my eyes,
I'll remember that her eyes - green
And forget, that his like ice.

If I could to know where are you.
If I see you at my side.
I don't know if I'll say "love you"
Or I'll leave it in my mind.

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01:55 AM Apr 02 2015


My dear friend Lyubov,I miss you so much!How are doing now?We have lost contact for a long time.Definetly,time flies by, I also want to know how does your life go on?If ,it is possible ,we can keep in touch by Email .My Email is crystal198407@163.com