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Russian Federation

November 1, 2008

Где-то солнышко моё
Светит в небесах,
Где-то сердце не моё,
Но в моих руках.

Где-то я тебя люблю,
Где-то океан,
Где-то я любовь свою
Не тебе отдам.

Что-то я тебе скажу,
Что-то скажешь ты,
Может, я и не приду
Подарить цветы.

Ты не знаешь, ты - лишь сон
Где-то вдалеке
Может, даже ты – не тот,
Что приснился мне...


Somewhere sun
Is shinning on sky          
Somewhere not my heard
Is in my hands 

Somewhere I love you
Somewhere is an ocean
Somwhere my love
I'll give not to you

Something I'll tell to you
Something you'll tell me
May be I'll not come
To give to you flowers

You dont know, you are only dream
Somewhere far from me
May be you are not that
Who was in my dream

03:16 AM Nov 20 2009

Diva nana

Diva nana
Saudi Arabia

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03:13 AM Nov 20 2009

Diva nana

Diva nana
Saudi Arabia

very nice Poem , u have a good hurt sweaty

when I was reading ur profile, I found out so much things that we share, u & me!  favorites movies, music, passion 2 learn ENG language, even writing poem! But I stopped writing it now, very busy girl JPls add me, let's be friend

05:46 PM Jan 14 2009



very peace of God


05:41 PM Jan 14 2009



I yes married the love of very young you
I all the family too much for you
I love the heart of you
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02:36 AM Dec 24 2008


Russian Federation

Hi there ! i tried to translate ur poem more naturally.. just 4fun :]

check this out:


Sun of mine, that shine in skies,

Lives somewhere alone,

Someone's heart beside me lie,

Hands possess its blow.


And there is no pain from me

Only poor love,

Ocean waves, please make me free!

Silence stays above...


Something comes to you from me

And recuring back.

Bunch of flowers will not see

Eyes I've never met.


Don't you know, you are my dream

Far... so far away...

Well i dreamt and might was wrong -

You were just a game.



that's not an exact translation but i tried to leave ur plot the same )


09:18 AM Nov 15 2008


This is really good! I love the russian version!

Good job! "Prodolzhay v tom zhe duhe" :)

09:55 PM Nov 07 2008


  Oh, I forget to make a self-introduce:you can call me Rosen Zhang.I am chinese,my home town located at the southmiddle of China. Smile

09:52 PM Nov 07 2008


  The backgroud music is also wanderful! What's the name of this song?

09:37 PM Nov 07 2008


 Hi, Lyubov.Nice to meet you. I think both of  us are intererting in writing poem.So it's a great hornor for me  if we can be ourselves'second half. Well, I also adhere one of my poem to share with you ,dear Lyubov.Additionnally, I like the artist and singer named Bumac Vitas very much!
Accompany with your poem:

    lost it again
my eyes's confused  in the drizzle and the gentle wind
lost my way again ,frozen your ships
snow's  flying  likes pearls falling down from the golden tree
nearly give up my breath
when see so charming a scene

the god's whispering wounds the lantern
resouding around my deaf ears
no mask but a sincerely and loyalty will

as you swang your hands to me for a deep hint
I know it exactly
there's nothing in between

sing on ,sing on
so as if  
the heart is crying in pain

retreat, repeat
I  really  missed coming  you the way
hope agaist hope
we can finish the game early
people and I will fall in love without hesitation!

09:09 PM Nov 02 2008



It's a nice poem!! I think you have good feelingsSmile

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October 31, 2008

25th of Oktober 2008 in his flat in Moscow at 6:30 in the morning died wonderful singer Muslim Magomaev. He was 66 years old. He was the most popular singer in Soviet Union 60s-80s of 20th century. He studied to sing in Italy in La Skala.

He sang a lot of grate sons as "Verny mnye musiku"(give back music to me) "Koroleva krasoty"(quin of beauty) "Luchshiy gorod zemli"(The best city in the world(about Moscow) "Nocturn" and a lot of wonderful songs else.

He was first singer in USSR with a large army of fans. Every girl and every woman loved or liked him. His songs and his voise so beautiful that even now every who hear his songs can't to stay disinterested.

 A movie with his song you can see on my profile and his photos in my photo-album.

He will stay in our hearts forever.

02:48 AM Nov 01 2008


Russian Federation

thank you for comment. I've been on the ceremony of farewell him in Moscow.

01:47 PM Oct 31 2008



GOD BLESS HIM I was in his funeral We love him

12:30 PM Oct 31 2008


Western Sahara

God Bless him

"we are of God, and to Him we are retuning to"