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October 14, 2011

the letter from the parents send to the children

Dear us children,

The one day when your parents are old you should try patient to understand your parents. If your parents have a careless while eating or if your parents meet a lot of difficulties in walking, wearing or any other activites daily. Please generous with your parents !

Please think about the days , the times your parents spent for you when you were only little bodies . Your parents taught for you anything about new your life.

if your parents still repeat the same thing several times, please don't  break down us words ! Please listen to your parents !

When you were are a child , us dears still force us to reread the story to us children easy to fall down a good sleep...and your parents done that for us angels.

If your parents can't take a shower by themselves regularly. Please, don't complain about that and don't say that it is a embarrassed thing.

Please, remember... when you were little , your parents had to think hard about interesting things to tell you with a hope you agreed go to bath.

When you realize the shortage from knowledge of your parents in fully modern and civilized life. please, disappointed ! Let's give your parents time to learn. Please, don't laugh at your parents because of lack of understanding about computer, Internet or other modern facilities and services. If your parents like to study about them,please guide for your parents how to use them or if your parents aren't interested in these ,please don't oblige us to study.

Your parents taught for you anything from eating, wearing to how to face and pass difficulties in life. If your parents have more forgetfulness or can't remember anythings which you said to us, please, give us more time to think of them and if your parents can't recall most of things please, don't angry or annoy with your parents...because the most important thing with parents now that see you and live with you and hear from you everyday. It is really the most happiness in the short of your parent's life.

If your parents don't want to eat , please don't compel us to take all meals because we know when we feel hungry.

When us legs can't stand up in the ground strongly as the past... please, help us, please take us hands as well as what we done for you before. Your parents took your hands and taught you the first steps. Do you know how your parents feelings when saw you get first steps? Really very happy and we always proud of your development, efforts. Although your legs aren't steady, we are willing to support you, we always stand beside you anytime.

And one day as one day certainly will come, your parents want to say you that your parents don't want to live, we want to say goodbye us dears.

Please, don't sorrow and blame your parents why we decide to leave you forever. You will understand the answer when it comes you later.

Please try to understand and accept it, us dears ! When we are old we live without useful for society that only are burdens for our family and society. And if we can live it is a meaningless because that time us life only include in the word “existence”. Don't feel regretful and stop thinking that you are powerless when witness us leave.

One day when you are mature you know that anybody didn't use to get mistakes. With many wrong things that no one never met before and your parents spent us a lot of times and effort to build for you a road peacefully. Please, don't throw away all achievements that we hope by you.

Please help your parents in steps of the late afternoon days!

Please help your parents in short time by your love and patience !

And now your parents would like to say we thank you because of your smiles and your love !

Love you so much ! Us children !

Your parents ,

(collected from an oversea Vietnamese)

02:41 AM Oct 15 2011


Viet Nam

thank you dear, actually, a i also like this letter so much.when I read it I felt strongly emotional  because I really aren't a good children in my family. I love my parents so much, I feel my heart seems to be break down when seeing my parents have to works hard all day , I cried when I said stupid words ...really I don't want don't want become  bad child in my family but seem there are too distances, embarressments and injuries between I and my parents. I know, I can understand my attitude I know by the day I will regret for my actions but how I can say I love my parents. I really want my parents understand my feelings right now .I am sorry

03:03 AM Oct 14 2011


I like this article very much which remind us should be respect and give presents when our parents living.don't always take excuse never back to home,such us,busy in work or no money,actually ,parents just don't want anything,just want talk with them when they become old day by day,so all young people should be take some time and back home accompany your parents,avoid we regret so much when them gone,actually,i felt little regret some time,because i had a bad temper you know,i want to change that but alway can not control when met something is not better,so bless my parents some time ,i have to change my temper in future ,and never say something bad words in future,we should respect and give presents them all the time.

October 6, 2011

One last night I visited to one old my friend who was used to slanderous harm. While we had a dinner, he received  a call , the stranger person in his calling would to talk him who harmed him before. However, my friend refused for hearing. Look at my amazing face, he said : “ If i know who harmed me, what happens? Life has something we needn't to know and has somethings we need to forget.” His generosity make me impressed. Life of the human, it is hard to satisfy all our needs. If you want to become more happier, sometimes you need to decrease yourself pressure in your life. It is very necessary and one of the most perfect ways to reduced your stresses that learn how to forget .Because in life, there are somethings we need to pick up and leave down properly.

In Buddhist's book there was a story. It was told : A little Buddhist monk and an old Buddhist monk were going to cross a stream. Accidentally, they met a poor girl. She was crying because she didn't pass on the stream. The old Buddhist monk felt pitiful for the poor girl. Therefore, he piggybacked her across the stream. The girl felt very grateful for helping of old monk. She said thank you warmly and then left. The little Buddhist monk witness this scene, in his mind there were thinkings. He always wondered why his master done that. The old Buddhist monk knew the thinkings' little disciple he said: “ I only helped the girl across out the stream by my back and then she gone to a place very far by herself but you , you didn't do that but you piggybacked her with a distance over 20 miles. Do you know?”Cool

human life is a long journey. It is never stop until you aren't exist in the earth .On this road there are many things that you meet everyday, some exciting things, some sadnesses , success or  failures ...If all places we used to visit , all things we used to witness we always remember them in our mind, they will be suffered from this burdens which we pressing down. Somethings belongs to past never come back in present life. Besides remember some experiences, it is not necessary to remember anything .Willing to forget something is the best way to equal the psychology. We are willing to face to face the true of life sincerely.Cool

There is a good sentence: angry means take other wrong things to punish ourselves . Always remember and never forget some restricted things from others and finally who is harmed so much that is ourselves. Therefore, to get more happinesses  and serenities in life , we are not necessary to find who is responsibilities . There are a lot of people like some verses in a poem :“ xuân có hoa bách hợp, thu có trăng, hạ có gió mát, đông có tuyết” it can be translate : “spring has cypress flowers, summer has wind, autumn has moon, and winter has snow”. The most beautiful spring when in ourselves don't have any up set .

Remembering somethings need to remember, forgetting somethings need to forget.Always living with an opened-heart , life will become more colorful 

08:43 AM Oct 13 2011


what astory gita

12:37 PM Oct 07 2011


Russian Federation

Anyway all bad things you will forget after some time and will remember only good things. Thank you.

05:24 AM Oct 07 2011



Hello, dear Gita.

Hope you are fine.

Nice and didactic stories you have posted here.

Golden words were said, Life has something we needn’t to know and has somethings we need to forget." Knowing this true advice we have been learning throughout our life how to do it.:)

We should remember everything good, forget bad things that somebody has done for us but never forget our mistakes that made somebody sad or miserable.

Forgetting can serves rightly when it can make somebody happier.

Live with love in your heart!

Have a beautiful weekend!



October 4, 2011

if one day you want to cry, call for me. I don't promise I can help you smile again but I promise I can cry with you.

I one day you want to go to a far place, let's call me. I never force you to stop but I will go with you.

If one day you don't want hear anybody speaking. Let's call me. I only stand up outside you and keep silence.

If one day you called me but I didn't reply. Let's go to me. Because that time I really need you

( translate from collection by my words)

12:54 PM Oct 07 2011


Russian Federation

Friendship is important for every person.

I can not live without my friends.