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Viet Nam

September 30, 2011


Author: Lady Of Knight

If I had a heart I'm sure it would say How lonely its been since you went away, With no one to snuggle and no one to hold. I guess I'll adjust, or so I've been told. It's hard to sit back as the line seems to grow And watch all the flirting, when deep down I know There's nobody there who can know your heart Or feel your thoughts even though apart. To know your thoughts with just one word Without the others being heard. To feel your heart and share what you love Like some magic secret from up above. The music flows and so do the smiles From you to them across the miles. Even our songs that were special there Are followed by smiles for all to share. I guess it's me... I just don't understand You told me you loved me and held my hand. How can I trust anything you say, When I'm yesterdays news the very next day. If I had a heart it would beat in place Instead of having this empty space. And yours would beat along with mine, And I'd be yours till the end of time.

SealedTôi đi tìm một nửa của tôi
Nhưng tìm mãi đến giờ chưa thấy
Nửa của tôi ơi! Anh là ai thế nhỉ?
Để tôi tìm tìm mãi tên Anh”Embarassed

There are some people for till now although they are over thirty or forty years old still live alone, they seem still  to be not  find for themselves a  proper lover

There are also some people easy to find for themselves a haft  but they feel unhappy soon later

There are some people always look for perfection therefore, they wish to find out a real haft- life


Maybe they also don't know what themselves asking are

And She also doesn't know why. She really wants to find out a haft of her heart .She also doesn't know explain the reason of finding useless. She only know she feels lonely when she returns from her working .Her mind is empty on every festival coming

Next time is February 14, March 8 and her birthday .She used to receive a a bouquet of roses in that days and now this left  her.She feel that they are her shortfalls
Someone told her:  the grand essentials of happiness are something to do, someone to love and someone to love

So has she had full of them. Don't know...

She remembered clearly,every time her friends wanted to introduce to her a new boyfriend She always said that:

- richer than Bill Gates?

- more handsome than
Tom Cruise?

-more humorous than Mr.Bean?

-more powerful than Bush ?

These are some basic conditions to become her Haft
So  great!  But how and where can She find out his.  What an ideal men in her life ! Heeeh..
There is the fact that all men don't understand her thinkings.They are very simple things  but necessary for existence of live   forever
.That is a really  ideal men who is richer than Bill Gate. It means He is richer Bill Gate about the time to take care of her more carefully

The height  if He taller than She a head, it is certainly that her Half  is always  more handsome than
Tom Cruise and this is not difficult to meet him because she is also not taller than every women in her school  that time
When She is lived with her real lover, this is the most happiest in her life and She always smiles on her face that's why her Haft is more humorous than Mr. Bean
And her Haft needn't "report" anything he did for any one  He just "reports" for only She therefore, He is more power than Bush, right?

Conclusion, whether a Haft is hard to find or not ???
anyone will find for ourselves a Haft who is belong to ourselves forever and She will .She hope in one near day her Haft will find her .Maybe He is also finding her for now

when life gives She  a Lemon She will always know how to enjoy it by a lemon water glass deliciously .My She be more  self -confident !  the  happiness isn't the  results now , the real happiness is the process which we are hard to get own

"if you want to make your dream come true, you must have a dream first"



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10:37 AM Oct 08 2011


Russian Federation

Believe in yourself and someday you will find your half ;) never give up!

06:09 AM Sep 30 2011


Viet Nam