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Viet Nam

October 1, 2011

Death for LOVE...!

The girl and the man are driving a motorcycle with a speed 100Km /h

The girl: slower ! I'm fearing

The man:no ! It is so exciting !

The girl: no ! I beg you !

The man:well, tell me you are you love me

The girl: ok. I love you. And now, slowly !

The man: Let's hug me !

The girl rushed to hug the man

The man: can you take my helmet and wear it on your head? I feel uncomfortable wearing it

In fact, the man  realized his motorcycle's  brake  was broken .But, he didn't want his lover die. Therefore, he asked her to tell whether she loved him or not  and he wanted to enjoyed the warm hug from his lover for last time.He forced her to wear his helmet . It means he accepted  to die and to save his lover


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09:45 PM Oct 02 2011



i love this so much..sooooo moving and touching ..Cry

05:36 AM Oct 01 2011

Saenger D

Saenger D

yeah, that should be real love....

but, that man is a bit stupid, I saw the traffic in Ho chi Ming.  Sooooo cowded with all motobikes, but never ever I saw an accident, just when we went out of Ho Chi ming city,m to district 11, I saw one. and thanks God, both human weared helmets.