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Viet Nam

October 2, 2011

Annually, at the end of the fall when road is covered with yellow leaves and waves of overflowing cloud are floating on the blue sky, such strange feelings on my first opening school year eagerly turn back to my memory.

I cannot forget those pure feelings budding in my heart as the jocund flowers are smiling in the bright firmament.

Such feelings have never been written down since at that time I could not write, and today I cannot recall them completely. However, once seeing little children ashamedly hiding under the shadow of their mothers on their first day to school, my heart raises a boisterous and jubilant emotion.

It was the morning that was wrapped with falling wet dew and cold wind. My mother fondly took me hand on hand along the long and narrow village road. Many times walking on this accustomed road but hardly did I carry such this unusual feeling. Everything surrounding me seemed to be changing resulted from a great change of my state: Today, I go to school.


 thanh tinh

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