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May 20, 2008

Love is an art of understanding. Deep and mutual understanding is the fertile soil for the evergreen tree of love. Love is the unity of a male and a female both physically and spiritually. Although this word can be defined in many ways, true love cannot happen, develop and last without sincerity, understanding and trails.

Love is a very important part in this world today. With the growing modernization of the society, the relationships between people are becoming looser. They will feel more isolated than ever if there is no love for each other. Love is caring and concern for, and understanding of other people and acceptance of their strenghs and weakness. To love and to be loved is the only one true happiness in life.

How men and women rate the importance of friendship, passion, selfishness, practicality and playfulness in a relationship?

Why do people love? What are your criteria of choosing an ideal love partner? Should he/she be perfect?

-         Love is blind

-         Love can’t  be forced.

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May 14, 2008

As the saying goes, reading develops your mind and it expands your intellectual horizon. Most people wish they read more. It is an activity that is both fun and enightening. It can help us be more knowledgeable and successful. We all want to develop a book reading habit but time constraints and lack of interst always puts this habit in the back burner. Besides, there are so many distractions these days like the internet and the television.

Therefore, what you would ideally require is developing the reading habit. Perhaps because it’s the most natural habit to inculcate. Ordinarily kids dislike reading material that is dedicatedly made for them as their appreciation for listening skills are so honed that school sub consciously makes them listen to tales and instructions. A good book or reading an information piece makes the deal companion; it’s interesting, builds on your patience and allows you to grow in the pool of knowledge without you realizing it. Of course, the type of books you read quite generally depends on your attitude and personalit. But reading as a habit  has always allowed to nurture a wholesome sense of well being. Perhaps this innately happens to all of us as each one of us as children truly despised them in school.

In addition, we as human beings, distinct as we are from the rest of the living species need to build up this habit of reading as especially for kids it’s really difficult for parents to make the switch from a tatally pictured short comic to a immensely boring book of at least a hundred pages, specifically one that has no images or diagrams. And as we age the books also tend to age with us. With our professional lifestyles, it’s difficult to manage a non-fiction, with deadlines set for the next day’s presentation! After all who’d want a taste of the boss’s ire. Many of us miss out on reading in this very manner and sadly it is only in times of sorrowor grief that we seek refuge in reading some sensible stuff that is either in the form of a “live it up!”, book or some of us might be inclined towards religion!

Of course all of this reading comes only next to our listening to others talk about optimism when we are down and out. From al of this we can conclude that if we choose to make reading our constant companion, we’ll never walk alone. Besides we’ll have more to discover in life than we’d ever thought about. Some research shows that if you read ten books a year, you are in the top few percent of all people as readers. Simply stated, it doesn’t take much to be well read, but we do need to how to get started. Think about it, somehwere, in some bright corner of the world, there are some books waiting for you. Lat’s learn something in today’s discussion! 

May 7, 2008

Mekong Delta Travel has the pleasure to invite you to major touristic attractions during your trips to Vietnam , a country with many white exotic sandy beaches, charming cities and friendly people.

Though a lot of modern developments have been done, Vietnam still keeps its own unique cultural and natural environment which brings a great chance to those who love the Asian beauty of nature like Ha Noi; the charm of ancient citadels like Hue and Hoi An; the variety of places to explore, including the cool, romantic central highlands-home like Dalat; the booming busy cities like HoChiMinh City and the magnificence of the sea and islands like Ha Long Bay.

Vietnamese people, the offspring of the legendary Dragon and Fairy always look forward to the future, keeping the past, cherishing the present and wishing to extend their hospitality to all people around the world coming to Vietnam. The healthy cuisine of Vietnam is internationally known, with colours and flavours unique to the region. Traditional folk arts such as water puppetry and opera are still practised, and the fine arts embody Asian and European styles.

Come and see Vietnam to enjoy and discover her spectacular nature, the friendliness of the local inhabitants and relax in the comfort of world class hotels on our package tours. It is also a good opportunity to strike up acquaintance with different people from all over the world.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website and that it will inspire you to visit the fascinating Vietnam we offer – we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Your partner in Vietnam, Mekong Delta Travel, an experienced tour operator will provide you with many interesting and safe tour packages, tailor-made programs. Mekong Delta Travel aims at good quality and excellent service at affordable prices. We use fully insured means of transportation, well-trained guides, central hotels and renowned restaurants.