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Christmas Island

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September 8, 2008


August 13, 2008

hi everyone ,my friends try to open a pub in these city ,so any of u who always go to a pub can offer us the good promotion for the first day to run the pub ,and anys ideas to desine the pub ,we will so appriencate,thanks

March 2, 2008

***Guy's point of view **** > This is very cute!> And even written by a guy! > You might agree with it, but > when it actually happens 99% of girls don't realize it 'til it is too late > and that guy who did it is so frustrated that he has moved on to someone who > will take notice. > From a guys point of view: > We don't care if you talk to other guys. > We don't care if you're friends with other guys. > But when you're sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room > and you jump up and tackle him without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off. > It doesn't help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without > even acknowledging the fact that we're still there. > We don't care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned. > Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can't wait till he morning. > Also, when we tell you you're pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it. > Don't tell us we're wrong.We'll stop trying to convince you. > The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. > Yeah, you can quote me. > Don't be mad when we hold the door open. > Take Advantage of the mood im in. > LET US PAY FOR YOU! DON'T 'FEEL BAD' > We enjoy doing it. > It's expected. > Smile and say 'thank you.' > Kiss us when no one's watching. > If you kiss us when you know somebody's looking, we'll be more impressed. > You don't have to get dressed up for us. > If we're going out with you in the first place, you don't have to feel the > need to wear the shortest skirt you have or put on every kind of makeup you own. > We like you for WHO you are and not WHAT you are. > Honestly, i think a girl looks more beautiful when she's just in her pj's. > Or my t-shirt and boxers, not all dolled up. > Don't take everything we say seriously. > Sarcasm is a beautiful thing. > See the beauty in it. > Don't get angry easily. > Stop using magazines/media as your bible. > Don't talk about how hott Morris Chesnutt, Brad Pitt, or Jesse McCartney is in front of us. > It's boring, and we don't care. > You have girlfriends for that. > Whatever happened to the word 'handsome'/'beautiful'. > I'd be utterly stunned by a girl who greeted me with 'Hey handsome!' instead of 'Hey baby/ stud/ cutie/ sexy' or whatever else you can think of. > On the other hand im not sayin i wouldn't like it ether. > Girls: I cannot stress this enough: IF YOU AREN'T BEING TREATED RIGHT BY A GUY, DON'T WAIT FOR HIM TO CHANGE.> DITCH HIS SORRY DISGRACE-TO-THE-MALE-POPULATION ASS,> AND FIND SOMEONE WHO WILL TREAT YOU WITH UTTER RESPECT > Someone who will honor your morals. > Someone who will make you smile when you're at your lowest. > Someone who will care for you even when you make mistakes. > Someone who will love you, no matter how bad you make them feel. > Someone who will stop what theyre doing just to look you in the eyes....and say 'i love you' ..........AND ACTUALLY MEAN IT! > *****Give the nice guys a chance***** > Holdin Hands- Girls : If you want to hold his hand, gently bump into it a couple of times. > Guys : Grab it if it happens more than once. > Cuddling- Girls : When you want to cuddle with him, tell him you're cold. > Guys : Automatically move closer to her. > Movies- Girls : During a movie, if he puts his arm around you, tilt your head on his shoulder > Guys : Lift her chin up and kiss her. > Loving each other- Guys : When she tells you she loves you, look deep into her eyes, give her a peck on the lips, and tell her you love her too... And mean it. > Laying below the stars- Girls : When you're both laying under the stars, put your head on his chest and close your eyes as you listen to his steady heart beat > Guys : Whisper in her ear and link your hands with hers. Now make a wish about something you would like to happen Between you and your crush.... > guys: no grabbing!!! > Guys repost this if you agree. > Girls repost this if you think it's cute. > Every Guy who isn't a jerk will agree with this, so we hope that all the> girls that read this will repost this . > Now copy and repost this; if you don't you'll have bad relationships for 69 years. > By 12 am tonight your one true love will realize how much they want you. > repost as: Guy's point of view

11:26 AM May 08 2008



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