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Christmas Island

December 20, 2007

After a person die ,he went to a beautiful place,the person at the gate looked at his ID card and then brought him to a beautiful villa with lakes,flowers and everything surrounding it ,a big garden ,birds singing,dogs barking,ducks quacking,everything was perfect.After a while, someone else took him to another place so that he can have more enjoyment with delicacies like cakes,candies,blessed food and all the beautiful international cooking for him to sample.After night they took him to may be a night club,so that he could see dancing or dance himself,After that they took him to another place for just enjoyment-listening to the music.watching movies and things like that.many days went by and on and on like this-always eating ,sleeping,making merry and nothing else.so then the men began to feel a little "itchy" .well he said "can you give me some work to do ,i wanna do sothi"

the attendant was so sad and said "sorry ,we have no work for you here,with this i can not help you"so the man said,"oh my god!if i have nothing to do ,this could be like in hell."so the attendant said,"where do you think you are now"haha everone we should never complain about lots of work to do in real life then

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View all entries from My Lovely Blog >

06:45 PM Dec 20 2007


Making money is everyone's dream,
we need more money in real lifeLaughing


haha ,please help me to improve my english。。。。