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December 25, 2007

   First at all,Allow me to introduce myself,I am a chinese ,Zhushenglan are my name ,my English name are Sophie ,you can call me Sophie.Iam really quite pretty but takes a rather bad pictureTongue out
   Chinese are my native language .So I can speak a litter English .English is the best language for communication,it has become an internatinal language ,No matter where you go ,English is always commonly used.It is convenient to know the language .Because there is a great demand in the world for use of English .I must learn English hard .let's a master to make our future brighter .come on !
   My family consist of my father my mother my grandmather and I ,I am very happiness.I always remember my maother's words are of great significance:"If my daughter collage , I will that well and good "I promised not to abuse their kindness, But a quirk of face ,Sorry ,I am sorry ,realy sorry!
   My favorite music :My love \Only you \Better man \Sealed with a kiss.My dream are become a singer .Since I was a litter kid ,I was sung not only songs that existed,Ijust made a mop.I have a beautiful whrite piano ,In stead,I sing my heart out for my fans ,Codition are changing all the time !
   I was born on May 30th 1990
   I intend to go to Sydney,I haven't enough money ,I must hard word ,Nothing in the word can tanke the place of persistence . It's impossible to defeat a person who never gives up !Ithing my future not just a dream !
   Iwent to make friend with you !

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