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The Sky's the Limit

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February 2, 2008

Hello Everyone: 

With the hope below to be an Ebaby:

  • to make more friends all over the world
  • to improve my English level (selfishTongue out)
  • to remember the spark in the coming life

Yesterday,i found the amazing space through purplebubble,then joined in at once. frankly,my English is so poor that i made the profile for more than 1 hour by querying info on www.google.com.Embarassed  when in graduate school,i was working-hard on English under the press of study,while after leaving school the job is comfortable and i become less motivated. with the help of Ebaby,i hope it makes me in a groove.

I find that the action has got a motivity to drive me up and up.it surprised me! it is sure that i will go on at least the whole 2008.i make the promise here and look forward to "Enjoy it" instead of "Do it".

The 6th Feb is the spring festival,the most important festival in China,and i will coming after the holiday.

Best wished to you!

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View all entries from The Sky's the Limit >

07:38 PM Feb 20 2008

rainbow zhang

i have read your blog,i think you are great,i can understand you,and i wish you parents can understand you too.because you work hard ,your tomorrow will be exllent,good luck to you.