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The Sky's the Limit




April 5, 2008

Today I have completed a long distance with a friend on foot, with about 30-kilometers in round numbers, climbing up and down in 9 hours. The trip covers the whole classic route Hutoushan-Badachu-Wangjiata-Wangjingtai-Arboretum. There were more less people than in Xiangshan Mountain Park or Arboretum, but the same beautiful landscape. Both of us climbed or walked too fast to see many good place, maybe it is a pity to miss them....From the top of mountain We got an amazing view: full of flowers covered one side of mountain, white and red flowers crossing beautifully...it is hard to say out the feelings of standing on the top, relaxed and happy. "Nothing left behind but footprints, Nothing taken away but photos"--The banner of environmentalist. We saw dozens of volunteers picking up the garbage with the big bags, who are the most lively persons. I claim that tourists make sure the beauty of environment.

Another amazing thing is that I have saw clearly the profile of a black bird named crow. When we left the place where we had a picnic, a crow flied to the spot to find the food, however we take away all the food and the remainder. Sorry, crow, give you the next time!

March 26, 2008

I was ready to pounce at the stock market downturn a couple of weeks ago in my investment plan.Maybe yesterday was not the best time, but I was not too scared to pounce like somebody else. Since it is the fact that the downturn does come, I work up the nerve to put in a standing order to buy the stocks. it is not rational to look at the market all the time day on and day out, because if so the daily ups and downs will make you in and out of stocks, running up your transaction costs. I plan to pick my investment with solid long-term prospects while forget about them for a while.I think I will be more rational about risks and rewards.
Wish me successful!

07:18 PM Mar 30 2008



to Nicole:

it is my pleasure to make friends with you, and you can contact me: sdusea@hotmail.com(MSN)

07:13 AM Mar 26 2008

American Samoa

Hello. I name is John Nicole. Would you mind to make friends with me. I live in America, on 156 Aford Avenue. I have an older brother. I think U cound have a strong confident to stand on yours leg at the Stock Market. I wish U will archieve your goals and have good health.



March 21, 2008

i have read lots of news about Tibet issue on 14th March reported by Western News Media on the Internet today , including timesonline,afp,reuters,cnn.....etc. i feel sick about those untrue report....the news media even used photoshop to clip part of picture in order to cheat people!!! they keep saying bad things about China....they are standing by the side of mob who made the crimes of violence...every person the reporter interviewed are Dalai Lama or the Tibetan who used by Dalai Lama group...why not to interview the victim in the roit?...why not to watch the vedio recording the truth?..why not  to release those vedio to everyone?...seeing is believing...in the vedio, the mob including monks attacked the innocent person who was walking on the road by stones...the mob pulled down the police cars...they destoryed the windows and doors of the hotels or stores... do u belive that an innocent person's right eye was blinded and left ear was cut off by the mob!!! the police were back to a corner because a group of monk attcked them with stones and they didnot strike back...BUT the news media said  "crackdown the Tibetan"....the mob set fire on stores,banks,schools...in the fire,5 girls were burnt to death, do the media interview and report it??? also the mob pulled down the fire trucks when the police were in the fire fighting...a boy was injured and was sent to the hospital,but on the way the ambulance was destroyed by the mob....i was toooooooo disappointed by the Western News Media...

it is not hard to think the problem: 2008, it should be a peaceful year for the whole world. Why did the riots make their terrible violence in such a peaceful and wonderful year? Are they real protesters or just those attempt to conceal their evil intention? i saw a piece of news that a German wanted to set fire on himself in order to protest China......I faint!..the media guide the wrong way... it is unfair and it must be used by jaundiced...Western News Media,how can i trust u from now on?

11:46 PM Mar 26 2008


No doubt you are a patriot, for much attention are paid to western news. I have read your comment, definitely penetrating.Wink Fighting, come on.