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The Sky's the Limit




March 18, 2008

Yesterday, My new PC was down:any anti-virus software could not be installed and any web page marked by the key words "anti-virus" was auto closed, and also any anti-virus sofrware could not work... I have used the famous software kaspersky--KIS7.0 for a long time, which protests my PC in secure, but unfountely it was shut down by the virus this time...i had been looking for the strong virus named "av-killed" for the whole evening...finally,I gave up because of the virus' performation, which killed my PC...insteadly,i spent lots of time on re-installing the whole operation system.

I think the virus was transmitted as an attachment from the Internet when i was surfing the net paying no attention to it, what was worse, i did it without any anti-virus software installed at first!  there were no method i can use to clear the virus...how terrible the virus was!! Be careful from now on...

March 13, 2008

Early this morning,I had a nice dream, in which came a girl.Maybe she has promise that she would keep me company to visit Yuanming Garden, the dream is related with this stuff.

Now,Let's begin the story.the other day,the weather is pretty bright...when we walked into the Yuanming Garden,there were lots of trees in my surprise. I thougt it was a big wood, while when we went into the wood i found i was wrong--it was a forrest! a wandering road went along with a wandering river in the forrest.we explored the forrest like two explorers walking down the beautiful road...after a long way,we found a wood frame house with the door opened in the head...we agreed on that it was weird and carefully walked into the house...closer and closer, there was a sword with the sheath on a wood table, and outside the the sheath it wrotes--if you pull the sword out of the sheath and then push inside you will be happy all the life...the girl was so happy that jumped...fortunately, the girl successfully pulled it out, and unfortunately the sword flied into the forrest as her strength was too hard....we hurried to find it in the forrest...i was too worried,upset,disappointed,grief to woke up...the dream was over...i tried to sleep again to go on the story but in vain...

March 2, 2008

Last weekend, I went to the city of Jinan, where I had been resident for seven years,to visit one of my teachers. Meeting old friends is really a happiness. with the change of time, the walk of life also changed. the biggest problem with the young like us is relationship or marriage which makes us in trouble or in happiness. more and more friends have found their Mr or Miss Right, not been single yet. moreover,some of them are going to hold the wedding this year.
the day before yesterday, one of my friend and me went around the campus where was also quiet and the same feeling as before.this made me memorize many things happened when i was a student: the old classroom, the old dorm, the old library,the teacher, etc... although there were lots of change difference from before, for example the new bulidings instead of the old, the classmates all graduated... i like it as before.