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Sunny from Hong Kong



Hong Kong

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November 14, 2007

I have just create a facebook account.

Do you play facebook?

Join it quickly,it's so funny.

You can meet my friends there , not only my net friends~ 

November 11, 2007

i met a first new friend by Ebaby today and she is from taiwan.

actually, i also want to meet some friends who's mother language is english.

If you want to communicate with me by english,pls feel free to contact me.tks~Smile

01:07 AM Nov 11 2007



helo~nice 2 meet u~

i m a new comer at here and just want to make fs that can communicate with ..

i m from gz China, college student..female...

shall we be fs and talk sometime?

pleasure to know u again..


November 9, 2007

I watched the competition(Buck's vs Rocket's) this morning.

The match is so exciting.....

Actually,i support both 易 and 姚 in this match.

Their performance is very well during the match.