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January 19, 2009

Modern Turkic countries

January 17, 2009

  • The $1 000 000.00 of ghost city, Closed Maraş.
    Everything in Maraş, the city of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, of which entrance was closed to civillian people, has been remained as they were left 34 years ago.
    1974 model vehicles at 0 Km. in Opel auto dealer, fashion dresses of its time at the clothing stores still have been waiting for their buyers.
  • In the 1970s, Famagusta was the number one tourist
  •   destination in Cyprus. To cater to the increasing number of tourists, many new high-rise buildings and hotels were constructed.
  • When the Turkish Army gained control of the area during the war, they fenced it off and have since refused admittance to anyone except Turkish military and United Nations personnel. The Annan Plan had provided for the return of Varosha to Greek Cypriot control, but this never happened, as the plan was rejected by Greek Cypriot voters.
  • As no repairs have been carried out for 34 years, all of the buildings are slowly falling apart. Nature is reclaiming the area, as metal corrodes, windows break, and plants work their roots into the walls and pavements. Sea turtles have been seen nesting on the deserted beaches.


August 24, 2008

Maiden's Tower is located at the intersection point of the two continents Europe and Asia. Due to its location, it has been the symbol of Istanbul and one of the unique structures of the world.

Since the structure of Maiden's Tower dates back to 2500 years ago, it witnessed everything that the city encountered. During Hellenistic times, the tower was a mausoleum over a peninsula and it turned to be a customs station during Byzantine Empire in order to control the entrance and exit of the Bosphorus. During the Ottoman Empire, it carried out as a platform to perform Janissary Song, defense castle, banishment station, quarantine and so on...Its main duty was being a lighthouse and guiding people, boats and lovers.


07:49 AM Sep 05 2008


Palestinian Territory, Occupied


unbelivable vies i like it very much

03:43 PM Aug 25 2008



amazing city.where is it

03:39 PM Aug 25 2008



wow . so nice city. where is this city.