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August 23, 2008

Ertuğrul Osman Osmanoğlu, pretender to the title of Prince of the Ottoman Empire (full title : Devletli Necabetli Ertuğrul Osman Efendi Hazretleri, born August 18, 1912) is the 43rd Head of the Imperial House of Osman, which ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1281 to 1923. The monarchy was abolished in 1923, with the modern Republic of Turkey replacing it. If reigning, he would be Sultan Osman V.

In 1924, while studying in Vienna, Austria, he received news that all members of the Sultan's family were to be exiled. He did not return to his native Turkey until the 1990s, when the Government of Turkey agreed to grant him Turkish citizenship. He has lived in the United States since 1933, and currently resides in New York City. He became the 43rd Head of the Imperial House of Osman in 1994.

Born at Yıldız Palace, Istanbul, he is the younger son of H.I.H. Captain Prince Muhammed Burhanettin Efendi, by his second wife, Aliye Melik Nazlıyar Hanım Efendi, daughter of Huseyin Bey, educated at Theresianum Academy, Vienna, and École des Sciences Politiques, Paris. He is also the grandson of Sultan Abdul-Hamid Khan II Ghazi, 34th Sovereign of the Imperial House of Osman. His (second) wife, Mrs. Zeynep Tarzi, is the daughter of Abdulfettah Tarzi, nephew of the former King of Afghanistan, Amanullah Khan, and of Dr. Pakize Tarzi, a pioneering Turkish gynaecologist from a deep-rooted Ottoman family. He speaks Turkish, English, German and French perfectly and understands Italian and Spanish.

Ertugrul Osman V recently declared his wish to return to his homeland from exile, stating that he is living his last days.

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