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Western Sahara

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November 1, 2008


I was experimenting for long time to find such an open minded and wise ones but in vain.

In fact, as Einstein said: 'Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts'. So, after dealing with different ones I found that expression a wise one and really true.

You know, briefly, I fed up dealing via this window. And, I decided to put this notice if I won't reply on a message of one of my friends here, specialy I mean the friends who are very few in this ebaby according to that great expression of Einstein.

.. And one of the changes I'm gonna do is to stop opening this ebaby.

And, for people who sent me invitations of friendship, I'm sorry if I didn't accept recently.. cause it won't work, as I said, I'm going to stop opening this account.

May God's Blessings Ease All that's Good to You

Best wishes



04:40 AM Nov 27 2008


U have gone...

from this website...


I know, maybe u never seen again that I write this writing...

but, it's no problem...

u still there n be my friend, although I can't see u again in this website :)

hopefully u get the best in ur life.

be brave to face this world...

with ur faith to Allah

where ever u stay now.



Aliyah ^_

12:23 PM Nov 14 2008



Yes, probably you are right.

May ALLAH give us all hearts full of mercy and iman. Ameen.

12:34 PM Nov 11 2008


Western Sahara

To Aliyat.. Thanks for your words in my website :)

Concerning your comment here, you said that "it is the begining of the end"

It's not the begining of the end but "it is the return to the self, the return to innocence" :)

12:28 PM Nov 11 2008


Western Sahara

To Lady.. First thanks for your care :)

As I have seen long time till now,the majority of People -either here in ebaby or somwhere else- are not responsible enough to use the internet in general and specially social forums.. Alright.

06:07 PM Nov 07 2008



The Beginning of End….


01:30 PM Nov 07 2008



May i ask you why you want to leave ebaby? you don´t have to answer if yo don´t want ;-)

October 15, 2008

I put this article especialy to my friend Rahma, as an answer to her questions. I wish if you find this article valuabe and aswers your questions.

                         *                       *                        *

To discuss any topic, we first should determine the definition of the terms we are going to use or talk about.

 Concerning culture and Islam, First we should know that culture is customs, ideas, civilization… etc, of a particular society or community. But, Islam is a religion.  As we know that the aspects of culture are related to religion too. In other words, customs, ideas, civilization of a Muslim are not like of the non Muslim. We may say that a particular person has an Islamic culture because we see that his traditions, customs, attitudes are based on the religion of Islam and vice versa.So, we can say that religion is one of the aspects of culture and therefore it influences culture. But, as it's known that there are various cultures and they are related to each other. In my opinion, culture doesn't influence religion (Islam…) but it influences the attitudes of people no matter what their religion is. Example, we may find a person who is Muslim, but his eating habit and dressing are derived from another culture, but that doesn't mean that culture influenced the religion, it influenced the behavior of the person.

The person who has a strong Islamic faith even he may share other people's culture, but he won't be affected rather than he will affect others. But, the person who has a weak faith and so, other cultures will find a free space to influence his personality, because he does not have enough Islamic background.In other words, you may find a Muslim who wears from time to time the formal dress of the west and so, but you find that his personality is Islamic, this person is extrovert to others' culture but he is based on his Islamic one which is reflected in his attitudes. Also, you may find another one whose faith is not strong enough, and you find not only his dressing but his attitudes and behaviors are also of the west.

This fact is revealed in Sura 49 verse 13 as follows:

O Mankind! We created you from a male and female, and made you into peoples and tribes so that you might come to know each other. The noblest among you in God's sight is that one of you who best performs his duty. God is All-Knowing, All-Aware.   

         *                 *                *                  

And concerning the topic of Language and how it was created, as I said we first should know what Language is?

There are many linguists like Sapir, Bloch, and Hall who gave various definitions, but none of them was complete. But, in the linguistic field, there is a leading linguist whose name is N. Chomsky, whose definition is considered the more rational than the previous ones.

Simply, Language is a verbal means of communication amongst humans, in other words, it's the faculty which enables human beings to engage in the verbal exchange of information.

How did Language arise?We don't know when the first human language was created, but philosophers and linguists have come up with numerous theories of language origin.

1-the divine origin of language:

According to this theory, language is a gift from Allah/God to Mankind.In the Holy Qur'an for example we read: 

"and He(God) taught Adam the names of All things…"(Surat 2, Verse 31).

Similarly, in the Bible we read "whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name there of" (Genesis 2:19).

 2- There is what's called the Bow-Wow theory:

According to this theory a dog is called a Bow-Wow because the noise it makes sound like Bow-Wow. But, this is refutable because in any language there is a very small number of words that are imitative of cries of nature. 

3- There is what's called also the rationalist view of Language origin:

Philosophers and Linguists like Chomsky and others consider that Language is universal in the human species which means that linguistic ability doesn't depend on education, superiority, intelligence, race, gender, class, religion, degree of civilization…etc. It's Not unique to certain groups, nor it is something that requires special training; meaning that All of us are born with certain basic linguistic knowledge. The capacity of Language is biological endowment.   

I see that even the rationalist view is similar to the divine theory of Language origin. But, till the moment no one can say when the first Language was appeared, because we don't even know when the first man (Adam) was created.

Linguists are still interesting in this topic, because it's still open and exciting too. 

I'm not a linguist, but as a simple ex-student in this field, I see that if studies couldn't determine even the language of Jesus peace be upon him,  so, how come with the first man !!

I think that the first Language through which Adam understood the words of Allah/God, will be the same Language in the Day of Judgment through which all people will understand, it is may be what's called The Universal Language. The Almighty Allah/God Knows Best.


05:18 PM Oct 16 2008


Western Sahara

.. Thanks for appreciating that modest effort. I feel honored when I offer help too :)

So, after you discuss the topic in the class, you may criticize if I said something not right, or you may add some information I didn't mention...so, your comment will be valuabe :)

Good Luck

12:49 AM Oct 16 2008

Rahma MD

Rahma MD

mmm...i feel honored u answer my question in ur blog :)

I need some time to analyze it first, so i won't give my comment now. Insya Allah, next tuesday there will be a class discussion about it and i will ask ur opinion again later :)

Thanks hassan 

August 7, 2008


Peace be upon you

Islam, A shining beacon against the darkness of repression, segregation, intolerance and racism.

                              *               *               *

  "An Arab has no superiority over a non Arab and a white man has no superiority over a black man, nor a black man over a white man, Except by Piety and Good Actions".

The Prophet Muhammad

peace and blessings of Almighty God be upon him

                              *               *                *

May God helps us all find the true Faith, Ameen.



07:36 AM Aug 15 2008




May ALLAH bless you, brother.